A Florida Divorce Often Impacts Your Career

For many Florida residents, going through a divorce can be as painful as losing a loved one through death. In addition to affecting your personal life, divorce can also have a dramatic impact on your career. Business owners may find themselves locked out or faced with starting over amid divorce proceedings. The added stress of ending a marriage can make concentrating at work difficult and place potential promotions at risk. Additionally, many people are embarrassed to learn that an employer may be subpoenaed for financial and other information relevant to dissolution proceedings.

Many so-called grey divorcees often find themselves in the precarious position of attempting to support themselves after a prolonged absence from the work force. Even where financial matters do not weigh heavily on the mind of the newly single, it can be difficult for some to establish an identity that is separate from the marriage and family.

Sometimes, however, the end of a marriage can be beneficial to your career. According to family mediator Elinor Robin, some Florida residents see increased success at work following a divorce. She stated some people find it easier to focus on work once their marriage is no longer a priority. Additionally, career risks and big decisions may be easier to make as choices fall solely to the individual after a divorce.

Still, a divorce can have a profound impact on the job prospects of the parents of minor children. Some Florida parents find themselves declining lucrative promotions or other positions in order to remain in the state or nearer to their children. Under Florida law, parents who share custody of their children may not move them more than 50 miles away from their residence without permission. Often, that approval can be extremely difficult to obtain.

Every year, many Florida residents find themselves in the midst of a divorce. Understandably, the range of emotions that are often associated with the end of a marriage can be overwhelming. Sadly, the financial damage a divorce can have on a couple can potentially make a bad situation even worse. If you are considering divorce, you need a capable family law attorney to help you protect your interests and your financial future.

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