Broward Divorce Lawyers Do Not Want Divorce To Hurt Your Health

After your Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer has finished your case, you will settle into a new home, organize the time-sharing, parenting plan and child custody aspects of your Florida divorce case and restructure your finances. This can be a trying time for your health and well-being. Researchers have found that 20% of divorced people have chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer, than those who are married. While the transition to marriage brings an immediate health benefit, if that marriage fails your health can be damaged if you do not take care of yourself.

A divorce in Broward can be very tough on you and your children. It can be very easy to neglect your health and allow it to slide when you and your spouse are fighting about child support and alimony. However, there are many ways to fortify your health during this difficult period of time so that you come out of your divorce feeling stronger and healthier.

It is important to reduce conflict during your Florida divorce. The greater the conflict in your divorce, the greater the chance of physical or mental health problems. Even if your Ft. Lauderdale divorce lawyer does not win all of the aspects of your case for you, it is important to try to enter into a marital settlement agreement as soon as possible so that your children will not be exposed to conflict. Research has shown that children exposed to conflict experience more behavioral and emotional problems.

You should not use crutches such as cigarettes, drugs and alcohol to dampen the pain and distract yourself. Instead, work through this tough time by using healthier distractions such as a therapist, travel and exercise. Do not get carried away with your job. It is important to maintain balance with work, home and leisure activities. It is also important to take responsibility for your own health. You should not forget to make regular appointments with your doctors, dentists and optometrists.

Your Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney may suggest that you meet with a financial advisor once you have received your equitable distribution, permanent alimony and child support. Insofar as divorced women have the lowest levels of income, superannuation and assets compared with married couples and divorced men, good financial advice will help you restructure your budget, cut back on non-essentials and take financial pressure off of your mind.

Do not feel lonely. Reach out to friends and family in order to embrace your new single life. Considering taking up a hobby such as exercise or a sport. Avoid friends that are not helpful during this difficult time period in your life. While friends and family often rally behind us, try not to associate with people who are negative. Instead, choose to associate with friends and family who are positive and uplifting.

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