Children With Cancer Does Not Increase Broward Divorce Risk

Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneys have learned that new research suggests that dealing with a child that has cancer does not generally increase the risk for couples to divorce in Broward. After studying 978,000 married couples, researchers learned that that divorce rates between 1974 and 2001 were not higher amongst parties who had a child that suffered from cancer when compared to other parents. When other factors such as a parent’s age and family income, parents who had a child were 4% more likely to get divorced than other parents. However, researchers found that the difference was insignificant in statistical terms.

While there tends to be a general perception that the strain of having a child or spouse with cancer may put couples at risk of a hiring a divorce lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, this perception is an unsubstantiated myth that may add another burden to the people afflicted by cancer. There was no evidence that a child’s cancer raised the risk of divorce in general or that parents are more likely to divorce in their child died of cancer.

However, researchers did find an increased risk of 16% in mother’s who had a college education, compared with those with only a high school education. The risk for divorce was evident during the first 5 years of the child’s diagnosis with cancer. While the reasons for these findings are unknown, further studies are needed to confirm the finding on a mother’s education and to tease out the reason’s for it.