County South Of Broward And Miami-Dade Has Second Highest Divorce Rate In United States

Monroe County, Florida which is south of Broward and Miami-Dade has the second highest rate of divorced residents in the United States of America. 18.3%, or 11,473 of Monroe County’s 62,229 have hired a divorce lawyer or proceeded without a divorce lawyer in obtaining a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage or have divorced somewhere along the way. Census reports indicated that 6,829 men and 4,644 women are divorced in The Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys atmosphere may play a role in these statistical figures. The Florida Keys is a place of escape. There has been economic problems in Monroe County just like every other county in Florida. Other counties in Florida that are included in the top ten counties in the nation for percentage of divorced residents include Putnam in North Florida and Pinelles on the west coast, both which report rates higher than 16%.