Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Files For Divorce In Broward

Fort Lauderdale police chief Frank Adderley retained a Broward divorce lawyer and has filed for dissolution of his marriage prior to his wife being sentenced for shooting at him for an alleged adulterous affair. Documents in the court filed indicate that a Christmas gift of earrings to another woman made Eleanor Adderley commit a serious crime against her husband, a law enforcement officer. Mr. Adderley alleges that his 18 year marriage to his wife is irretrievably broken. He has also requested custody of the minor child born during the marriage.

In July 2008, Eleanor Adderley used her husband’s gun and fired one bullet into the foot of the couple’s bed that her husband was lying on. In addition, she fired two more rounds outdoors as her husband ran outside to a neighbor’s home. Today, Broward County Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Levenson sentenced Eleanor Adderley to nine months behind bars at the Broward County Jail followed by two years of probation.

The Fort Lauderdale divorce case has been assigned to Judge Alfred J. Horowitz, a circuit court judge assigned to the marital and family law division which handles matters pertaining to custody, time-sharing, parenting plans and alimony in Broward County, Florida.