How to Conduct Yourself In the Fort Lauderdale Divorce Court

Whether you are seeking a divorce, alimony, child custody, paternity, or any other relief from the Fort Lauderdale marital and family law court, you must conduct yourself professionally. Your Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney will take the lead, and you should remain silent while in the family court until your lawyer or the Broward County judge directs you to speak.

While the judge is talking pay close attention. While your attorney speaks listen to what he says. If either the judge or your attorney misstate the facts, use a notepad and write a note to your attorney. Whispering should be kept to a minimum because many courtrooms have microphones at the table and the court reporter may incorporate your private discussion with your attorney into the record.

If your ex-spouse takes the stand and twists the truth, sit back, relax, and remember that you will have your chance to explain the real story. You should make a note to your attorney to alert him that the witness is lying, but do not speak out loud or make funny faces during the testimony. This will only hurt your case. Remember that you are before the judge asking for relief, and if you appear intelligent, confident, secure and sympathetic, you have a better shot at winning your motion.