How To Survive Your Fort Lauderdale Divorce (Part 2)

In part 1 of How To Survive Your Fort Lauderdale Divorce, I discussed ways that you can take care of yourself and your job during a dissolution of marriage. Let’s face it, divorce litigation in Broward County related to alimony, child support, and custody issues such as a parenting plan and time-sharing schedule can become overwhelming. The stress and personal problems during this difficult time in your life should be controlled to prevent your job from being sabotaged.

You should not speak to your Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney during work unless it is a true emergency. When you speak to your marital and family lawyer, you should be in a private place where you can concentrate.

You should not speak to your spouse during work unless it is a true emergency. These conversations can be volatile. You can also become emotional. Your concentration and work product should not be negatively impacted by your pending Broward divorce and the heated conversations with your spouse related to alimony and child support.

Never use your photocopy machine at work to copy litigation papers in your case. You and your spouses financial documents and litigation documents are private and should not be shared, by mistake or otherwise, with your colleagues. You should also not use your office computer to discuss your personal life. Your hard and soft drives can be requested for inspection during the discovery process by your spouses lawyer.

You should focus on your job. During your divorce, the stress can detract from your job. You may also feel a sense of loss of control and self worth. However, you do not want to perform poorly at work. When you are able to take a break, walk, breathe, look out the window and stretch. The more you continue to function, the greater your sense of control and self esteem.

If your are a victim of domestic violence in Broward, document any problems that your spouse may cause at your job. You should ask your co-workers to alert you if they see your spouse’s car in the area. In addition, ask your lawyer to subpoena any camera videotapes at your office or on surronding buildings.