How To Ward Off The Leading Cause Of South Florida Divorce

Long before a person hires a marital and family lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to handle their divorce, they were once a newlywed committed to a life long marriage. Research shows that 50% of married couples will seek a dissolution of marriage. In order to avoid becoming another statistic, it is important to have an open financial relationship with your spouse.

Many couples do not want to become another statistic. Since finances are the leading cause of divorce in Broward, it is a good idea to discuss a budget before and during your marriage. Married couples who discuss their finances and create a budget tend to have a stronger relationship.

The lack of budgeting can cause people to argue. Financial planners recommend that married couples permit savings to become a part of their monthly budget. It is important to take proactive steps before commingling money. In some cases, it is also suggested that there is a his, hers and joint bank account.

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