Miami-Dade Circuit Family Division Judge Julio Jimenez Dies at Age 58

Three days after he administered the Florida attorney’s oath to his son Carlos, 58-year-old Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Julio Jimenez succumbed to liver cancer. The former defense attorney started his career as a circuit judge in 2003. He began presiding over Miami-Dade family law matters last January.

Judge Jimenez was born in Matanzas, Cuba and immigrated to the United States with only his sister at the age of eight. When the rest of his family arrived in the United States, Jimenez’s family moved to Chicago. He attended the University of Illinois and later earned a law degree from DePaul University. Jimenez moved to the Miami Metro as a new attorney more than thirty years ago. The young defense lawyer met his wife, Lili, at the court house where she worked as an interpreter for Spanish speakers.

Jimenez is remembered as an active judge who truly enjoyed his job. 11th Circuit Chief Judge Joel Brown stated Jimenez was a well respected judge who had a reputation for both integrity and fairness. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jorge Cueto said Jimenez was a smart, decisive man. Early on in Cueto’s career, Jimenez served as a role model for the type of judge he hoped to become.

Judge Jimenez was also known for his willingness to make tough decisions in the courtroom. When presiding over criminal trials, he offered up long prison sentences for violent offenders. A former law partner said Jimenez always had the ability to differentiate between those offenders who merely made a mistake and those whose violence merited stiff punishment. Jimenez also expected parties to be practical and negotiate plea deals in those cases he felt ought to be resolved prior to trial.

Unfortunately, after only one year in the Miami-Dade Circuit’s family law division, Judge Jimenez lost his battle with liver cancer. He is survived by his wife and three children.

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