Minimize Damage For Your Child During The Divorce Process

When a party files for divorce in Broward, their lawyer will remind them that a judge frowns upon a parent who speaks poorly about the other parent in front of the minor children. Many parents fight about their relationship and use their children as ammunition. However, judges practicing in the marital and family division in Florida often believe that this conduct is one of the worst things that children can experience.

Children love both of their parents. They want to have time-sharing and access with both of their parents. Yet, when children hear one parent disparage the other it damages the child’s self worth since they have a sense of loyalty to both parents. During a divorce in Fort Lauderdale, parents should minimize the damage that child custody litigation and fighting can cause to a child.

Parents who separate often believe that they are acting reasonably. However, this is rarely the case. Exercising shared parental responsibility and co-parenting during and after a divorce is not easy.

A divorce should be less adversarial. A parent should never refuse to honor their parenting plan and time-sharing schedule. Both parties should have their divorce lawyer ensure that they have equally important roles in their child’s life after the entry of the final judgment. This way they can try to minimize any potential damage to the child.