Sesame Street Finally Addresses Divorce in Florida and Nationwide

For more than 20 years, Public Broadcasting Service staple Sesame Street has avoided discussing divorce on the show. Now, the Sesame Workshop that produces the hit children’s show has created a 13-minute segment regarding the topic for specific and targeted audiences. Although the divorce segment will not air on live television, it was produced as part of a multimedia kit designed to tackle the issue head-on in an allegedly understandable and non-frightening manner. According to Lynn Chwatsky, Sesame Workshop’s Vice President of Outreach Initiatives, the Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce, multimedia kit was created to demonstrate to the children of divorce that they are not to blame, nor are they alone in their experience.

The parents of an estimated one million children throughout the United States choose to separate or divorce every year. Because many of those relationships end before a child begins school, Sesame Street researchers reportedly decided it was time to finally address the issue of divorce on the show. An independent segment consultant and Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Robert Hughes, said parents who are going through a divorce often feel overwhelmed. The Sesame Street divorce kit was purportedly designed to give such parents a tool for helping their children cope with the normally emotional matter. Chwatsky stated the beauty of Sesame Street is that the Muppets can often do things for children that grown-ups cannot.

Each year, many Florida couples find themselves in the midst of a separation or divorce. The host of emotions associated with the end of a marriage can be overwhelming. Because of this, divorce can have a profound impact on both parents and their minor children. A strong support network of family, friends, and even professional counselors can help divorcing parents maintain a positive outlook and help their kids adjust to their new circumstances more easily.

A final judgment of divorce for the parents of minor children in Florida will include a time-sharing agreement and a parenting plan. A time-sharing plan will outline a child’s schedule and state where he or she will spend overnights, holidays, and other important dates throughout the year. If you are a Florida parent who is considering divorce, you should contact a capable divorce attorney for assistance.

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