Shocking Miami Marital Murders

One murder and one plotted murder both grabbed headlines this month in Miami and both involved the dissolution of the bonds of marriage.A Paranoid Plot
A Dania Beach husband, is being held in prison with his bail set at $5 million for his attempt to hire a hit man to murder his wife. The couple had been married for two years and all friends and family attest that the husband thought the world of the wife Рpaying for her cars, plastic surgery, and any extravagances she could ask for.

The two met at a strip club where she danced and soon after got married. The couple signed a prenuptial agreement to protect his assets. Over the next two years the marriage deteriorated and after the birth of their son, the couple became estranged. The son was kept in the wife’s mother’s room in the home at all times and she¬†would not permit the husband to see the baby.

In July, the wife told the husband that she wanted a divorce. Days before the husband contacted the hit man, the wife filed an injunction with a court, telling police that her husband had been abusing steroids and that he was becoming delusional and violent. The police found prescription testosterone and a massive gun and ammo collection. Reports by friends and family painted a man deeply delusional about the collapse of civilization stockpiling food and weapons. The husband expressed that he contacted the hit man because he was fearful that the wife was going to run away with the husband’s money and their son.

Oftentimes in the dissolution of a marriage, there is no time or reason to place blame. Here, the wife was not a completely innocent party; however, their approach to a marital dissolution can highlight some important steps when dealing with unbalanced individuals. Experts cite the importance of keeping friends and family on your plans, whereabouts, and safety through the process; consulting trained professionals like therapists or counselors; avoiding erratic behavior that can confuse, cause disillusion or stir paranoid fears — and keeping a line of communication with the court and your attorney through the process.

A Public Marital Murder Confession
A Miami resident has turned himself in to South Miami police after publicly confessing on his Facebook to murdering his wife of one year, along with posting a photo of her slain body. The husband claims in the post that “my wife was punching me and I am not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did. . .” This shocking and horrible murder was likely an unpredictable act that robbed the wife of her life and the couple’s daughter of her mother. Those in a marriage where threats, violence, hostility or aggression permeate the surface are best advised to consult a skilled and compassionate family law attorney to best establish their options.

The South Florida Family Law Firm of Sandy T. Fox offers its sympathies to those affected by these horrendous acts. Our firm understands, respects, and supports positive marriages, however, when marriage was a mistake and a couple cannot function peacefully within the same household, we are here to help. To schedule your confidential consultation, please do not hesitate to call our law office toll free at (800) 596-0579 or contact us through our website.

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