The Impact Of Your Occupation And Your Chance Of Filing For Divorce

A divorce lawyer in Fort Lauderdale will always ask you about your occupation especially if your case may include alimony. A recent study explored a link between divorce and occupation. Have you ever wondered how your career can impact your marriage?

During the 2000 census, 16.35% of individuals listed themselves as separated or divorce. 14.5% of police officer, 43.1% of dancers and choreographer, 38.4% of bartenders and 38.2% of massage therapists were either divorced or separated. Other careers which landed in the top ten percent were casino employees, nurses, home health aids and telephone operators. On the otherhand, engineers, optometrists, clergy and podiatrists had occupations with low divorce rates. While these statistics are only from a limited scope of people, it is interesting to see how a job can impact your marriage.