Broward Divorces Negatively Impact Social And Academic Lives Of Children



Many children from divorced parents experience difficulties with math and social skills. Emotionally, they experience anxiety and depression. While parents predivorce problems do not influence their kid’s social and academic progress, children fall behind and fail to catch up for at least two years after their parents divorce in Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

Research now shows that divorce is very difficult for children. The stress can double a kid’s risk of a stroke. In a recent university study, children were followed from kindergarten until eighth grade. Researchers followed children whose parents divorced between their kindergarten and third-grade years compared with 3,433 children from intact homes.

Children from divorced families and intact families were compared based upon math and reading tests, ratings of social skills and ratings of behavior. The study found that children began to struggle at the commencement of their parents divorce. Over the next two years, children of divorced parents fell behind on math and social skills and displayed behavioral signs of sadness, loneliness, depression and anxiety.

The sample of children was not large enough to analyze the effects of a dissolution of marriage by gender, age or ethnicity. Researchers plan to replicate this study with a different group of children.

There are good reasons why divorce may be difficult for children in comparison to predivorce problems between parents. These include child custody and time-sharing litigation in Fort Lauderdale when children are moving back and forth between both parties homes.