Children Raised With Both Parents Less Likely To Divorce In Fort Laudedale

Your Broward divorce lawyer will explain to you the importance of minimizing the impact of your divorce for the benefit of your children. While Florida marital and family law has a presumption for shared parental responsibility, your children may feel torn between you and your spouse’s custody, time-sharing and parenting plan litigation in the Broward divorce court. However, the effect of your Fort Lauderdale divorce can effect your children during their marriage.

Children who grew up residing with both of their parents are less likely to get divorced or separated than those who did not. 18% of adults who grew up in an intact family have never been divorced or separated. On the other hand, 28% of those who lived in a non-intact family have been divorced or separated.

Adult children of divorced parents have an elevated risk of seeing their own marriages end in a divorce. Unfortunately, children from a divorced home have significant doubts about marital stability. They also have a greater perceived chance of divorce and more often report marital difficulties even when they are happily marriage. Children from a divorced home are more likely to escalate conflict and reduce communication with their spouse.