Divorce In Miami-Dade And Broward On The Rise

In what appears to be a sign of the beginning of the economic recovery, the divorce rate appears to be increasing in South Florida. During the recession, many couples in Miami and Fort Lauderdale did not file for divorce since they could not sell their home and their assets had decreased in value. As the divorce rate fell about 7% between 2008 and 2009, divorce attorneys in Broward saw business decline.

Marital and family lawyers now see banks lending money, stock market gains and individuals tired of waiting to file for divorce as reasons why the increase in filings is occurring. In addition, spouses retirement portfolios have increased and they are also able to borrow money in order to buy out the other spouse from the equitable distribution of marital assets.

Nonetheless, the economy still plays an important role during a divorce. Banks may pursue debt collection against both spouses even though one has agreed to make payment on a marital liability. For some couples, the recession improved their marriage. For others, the financial pressure was tough on the family and has now resulted in a divorce.

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