Divorce Lawyer In Fort Lauderdale Reports Increase In Divorce Rate For Military Women

Many individuals hire a divorce lawyer in Broward when their spouse is deployed overseas as a result of military service. For women, their marriage is twice as likely to end in divorce then men and up to three times as likely for enlisted women.

Approximately 220,000 women have been deployed to countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The Pentagon reports that in 2010, 7.8% of women and 3% of men in the military divorced. Even worse, 9% of women and 3% of men in the military who who were enlisted corps divorced.

Women in the military divorce at higher rates than civilian women. On the otherhand, men in the military divorce at lower rates than civilian men. The rate of divorce for women in the military has been on the rise for the past ten years.

The military has more single moms than dads. While 30,000 of these single moms have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, researchers do not know why military women have such a high divorce rate. Some believe that women who are attracted to military life are less conventional and unwilling to remain in a disfunctional marriage. If your spouse is in the military, it is important to speak to your divorce lawyer in Miami about special rules that apply as well as your right to alimony, child support and a parenting plan if you have minor children.