Divorces On The Rise In Florida

The Sun Sentinel is reporting that there has been an increase in the number of amicable divorces and divorces without lawyers. While the total number of divorces between 2005-2009 decreased, simplified divorces increased 20% in Broward County and 50% in Palm Beach County. In these simplified cases, parties resolve their case in a more amicable fashion.

The economic downturn has resulted in less assets to divide, concerns about the cost of hiring two lawyers and mediation becoming a more attractive alternative to contested divorce litigation. In South Florida, 60% of marriages end in divorce. A contested divorce can cost $10,000 to $25,000. Conversely, mediation can cost less than $5,000.

Couples who require equitable distribution of their assets and liabilities, a parenting plan and a time-sharing schedule should consult with a Broward divorce attorney. Lawyers can assist their client in finding hidden assets and calculating child support.

Couples who chose a simplified divorce enter into their own agreements without the necessity of a courtroom battle. However, these parties generally have no assets, no children and do not request other financial relief such as alimony or the payment of attorney’s fees and costs. Notwithstanding the financial constraints which are a result of the economy, a divorce can be a complicated procedure if you are not familiar with the legal system and if you are not a South Florida marital and family law attorney.