Divorce Lawyers In Fort Lauderdale Look To Facebook And YouTube For Evidence

Social networks are changing the way that divorce attorneys in Broward conduct discovery in a case. Facebook and Myspace have become platforms where people open their lives, post pictures and have a conversation with one friend which is often read by many people. Individuals write their conversations and often talk about private matters. For lawyers, this has become an excellent source of evidence in a marital and family law case.

Other sources of electronic evidence include videos on YouTube, text messages, dating services, voice mail, cellphones, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers and Sun Pass records. Discretion and privacy have been a generous revelation of secrets. While some often restrict who can see their social networking page, others find information by looking through a friends account.

While evidence of wrongdoing is generally unimportant in Florida, one of many no fault states, fault still plays a role in equitable distribution of assets and alimony. However, there are strict limits on what information can be taken, what information is private and what information can only be obtained through legal procedures such as subpoenas, depositions and discovery.