Domestic Violence On The Rise In Broward

The Sun Sentinel is reporting that incidences of domestic violence in Miami and Fort Lauderdale are not restricted to one particular income level. In the past few months, domestic violence has occurred in families with different economic classes.

Last Friday, police arrested the wife of a Miami Dolphin’s player after she stabbed her husband. This past month, a man was arrested in Fort Lauderdale after attacking his wife in front of her Broward divorce lawyer in open court. In April, a Davie man killed his wife and then himself.

The following signs are indicative of the fact that someone may be prone to be an abuser:

1. Incidences of prior violence or battery will most likely lead to a continued trend of this behavior absent intervention.

2. Individuals who commit domestic violence may have been abused as children or witnessed one of their parent’s hit the other parent.

3. The batterer attempts to control financial affairs.

4. The man holds traditional views towards women such as they should only clean and take care of children.

5. Exhibits signs of jealousy, can be possessive and trys to isolate the victim from friends, family and their job.

6. The abuser denies the abuse by minimzing its seriousness or refusing to take responsibility of the abusive behavior.