Financial Separation Before Hiring A Broward Child Support Lawyer

Disagreements over finances are one of the leading causes for divorce filings in Fort Lauderdale. When money is tight or investments are performing poorly, even couples who are happily married may encounter disagreements. However, before you talk to a divorce lawyer about alimony, child custody matters and a parenting plan, perhaps you should make some adjustments to your finances by having a financial divorce from your spouse.

In the past, a majority of financial decisions were made by the husband. Today, women depend on men far less than they did years ago. Women are now employed and have their own investments. In light of the climbing divorce rate, women do not want to be in a position where they rely upon men for alimony, support and maintenance.

A large percentage of marital disagreements deal with how money is spent. In addition, some couples have different investment objectives, methods and risk tolerances. South Florida couples with strict budgets who struggle to make ends meet may also fight about which bills to pay first.

Maintaining separate financial accounts can allow couples to function smoothly and not have to justify their spending. This often can cause a sense of security and fairness while creating health competition between spouses as they manage their own portfolios. On the other hand, having separate account may result in higher bank costs and fees and reduced account privileges. You are your spouse should also discuss if you can see the other’s statements and whether you may do so without the other’s knowledge or permission.

It is almost impossible to divorce finances from your marriage. The correct method of account ownership will vary from one household to another. If you and your spouse fight about money, you may want to seek counseling before you consult with a divorce attorney in Miami. In many cases, couples can resolve their financial differences, reduce their level of conflict and strengthen their relationship by having financial separation.

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