Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Find GPS Useful

Prior to filing for your divorce in Broward County, Florida, your divorce lawyer may want to hire a private investigator to catch your spouse cheating on you. If it is discovered that your spouse has cheated on you, this is a factor that the Fort Lauderdale divorce court may consider in awarding your alimony. However, hiring a private investigator to help your divorce lawyer find out if your spouse is cheating on you at a restaurant or hotel in Hollywood, Weston, Pembroke Pines or Cooper City, Florida with a paramour may become expensive.

GPS, or global position system tracking, is a useful tool that may be used to catch your spouse cheating. GPS systems cost less than $1,000.00 for certain models. During your dissolution of marriage case, a party that owns a car can may be able to conceal a GPS system in a glove compartment or other hiding place legally.

Electronic toll information has now become a thing of the past because of the fact that GPS information is more detailed. Last year, 88 percent of divorce lawyer reported an increase in using electronic information such as GPS and toll-pass date and computer records.