Keep Your Fort Lauderdale Divorce Separate From Your Job

Your divorce in Broward can become overwhelming. It can threaten to sabotage all aspects of life, including your career. Your Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer may require you to appear in court so that you can receive temporary child support, alimony or attorney’s fees and costs. In order to maintain your professional career, you should consider the following 8 tips:

Keep Your Divorce Private: Avoid telling your coworkers unless they need to know for business reasons.

Separate Work Life From Home Life: When you get in your car to leave for the office, allow the drive to work to become an escape from your divorce. This will allow you some relief so that your problems do not overlap.

Schedule Court Dates Around Work: You do not want to miss a lot of work. Courts recognize that people need to work. Your divorce lawyer can request hearings during the late afternoon or early morning to help with your work schedule.

Give Advance Notice To Your Boss: Many court dates are arranged 4-6 weeks in advance. You should offer to make up the missed hours. Not only do you need the money, your employer needs you to work.

Try To Settle Your Case: Taking time off for hearings or a trial is financially burdensome. If you have to attend a trial, try to schedule it during your vacation time off from work.

Don’t Talk To Your Attorney At Work: When you speak to your lawyer, be in a private place where you can concentrate.

Don’t Talk To Your Spouse At Work: Many times talking with your spouse during work can result in a heated discussion. You may become emotional. This can negatively impact your concentration and work. Employers want you to be focused during the work day.

Only Use Your Office Computer For Work: Your spouse may request to review your hard drive during the discovery process. Your boss will not be pleased by having your company computer inspected.

Consider Cry Breaks: During lunchtime, take a 3 minute cry break. Crying out your feelings eliminate stress toxins from your body.

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