The Effect Of Your Broward County Divorce And Your Health

When you meet with your divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdale, you are at a time period in your life that is unpleasant and stressful at home with your spouse. Your Broward County divorce lawyer will explain to you Florida marital and family law related to custody, time-sharing, a parenting plan and alimony. However, it is important that you remember that the stress of your divorce can effect your emotional and mental health. You should always remember how important it is to feel good before, during and after your Florida divorce.

Getting a divorce has long-term negative consequences for your health. While evidence suggests that a recent divorce is associated with an increase in poor health and depression in the short term, it also can effect your health years and decades later.

Individuals who are divorced are 20% more likely to have heart disease, diabetes, cancer or another chronic condition and 23% more likely to have mobility problems such as difficulty climbing stairs or walking short distances. In addition, those individuals who were divorced but then remarried still had 12% more chronic health conditions and 19% more mobility problems than married people who never experienced a divorce
Divorce has more of a long term effect on your physical health than your mental health. When people go through a divorce, they tend to not exercise or see their doctor and eat poorly.

Divorced individuals who do not remarry develop worse health than people who do remarry. However, this does not erase the effects of a divorce. You doctor should advise you of the risk factors for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. You should also have a strong social network to impact your health risks from your divorce.

Divorced middle aged women, even when remarried, are more likely to develop heart disease than non-divorced, married women. It is believed that long-term stress before, during and after a divorce may accelerate the biologic process that leads to heart and other chronic diseases.

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