Make Estate And Financial Planning Your First Step After Your Fort Lauderdale Divorce (Part 1)

After your divorce in Broward County, the last thing that you want to do is consult another attorney. Let’s face it, your probably paid your Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer a lot of money. Regardless of your age or whether or not you have kids, it is important to consult both financial and legal eperts to be sure your estate and financial plans are updated to reflect your new circumstances. If you were not working with a financial and legal expert during your divorce, now is the time. You should consider the following:

Start With A Financial Planner

Get a look at your finances after your divorce is finished. Expenses for single people can grow quickly and unexpectedly. A financial planner can help review your new spending and savings needs, compare strategies to achieve long-term goals and give you tools to protect your assets and loved ones if you die suddenly.

Talk With An Estate Planning Attorney

An estate planning lawyer can customize an estate plan to fit your needs. If you have kids and plan to remarry ome day, you may want to ensure that specific assets are guaranteed for them when you die. In some cases, where a spouse dies unmarried with minor children, the ex-spouse might automatically gain control of assets that were for the children. This is why you need to plan in advance
Make A Guardianship Plan For Your Kids

If your children are minors, it’s particularly important to make sure you and your former spouse have a guardianship plan for who will raise your children if you cannot. It is also important to establish an efficient legal structure for distributing your assets as well as appointing a trustee to help your children with the financial transition.

In my next blog, I will discuss some other ideas that will encourage you to consult both estate and financial planners after your divorce.