Marriages in Fort Lauderdale, Florida End In Divorce While The Economy Prolongs Some Marriages While Ending Other Marriages

Filing for divorce in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is hard to do during a recession. Parties are divorcing but can’t sell their home, so they still living together for now. They both live in the same house they can’t sell because of the bitter state of the economy. The stress of the country’s economic meltdown is taking its toll on marriages in Broward County, Florida. There is no evidence that people file for divorce more or less frequently during an economic slump. However, couples experiencing marital problems are feeling extra stress because of the economy and can not leave their current situation because the financial costs are enormous and the inability to sell their house. On the otherhand, couples experiencing marital problems may divorce because of the economic strain or because divorce during hard times could be weirdly profitable.

Couples who are certain that they want to proceed with a divorce will lose less money to their spouse due to the current state of the economy. In the past, recessions have caused married couples to separate in part due to the uncertainty and unemployment of the husband and wife. However, Husbands and Wives can make better financial choices by living together during a divorce. The economy has also impacted an individual’s ability to pay a divorce lawyer in Broward County, Florida $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 as a retainer. A protracted divorce case involving complex custody matters can cost $30,000.00.

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