Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Maynard Gross Dead At 70

It was only two weeks ago that I saw Judge Maynard A. Gross before my hearing at the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center in Miami, Florida. Judge Gross was enjoying the fresh air before the start of his docket. I waived hello and approached Judge Gross to shake his hand and say good morning, something that had become a habit for me during the past 6 years. In fact, for many divorce attorneys in Miami, this became a tradition. Judge Gross proceeded to tell me how much he enjoyed reading this website. The last thing that I expected was to be writing a blog about the untimely passing of one of the friendliest, respected and most intelligent Judges in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court.

Judge Gross passed away on Wednesday evening. He was 70 years old. Since he was elected to the bench in 1994, Judge Gross primarily presided as a Family Court Judge in Miami-Dade county where he heard divorce, paternity, child support, enforcement and modification cases. Prior to his election to the bench, he was a civil litigator for 20 years, a prosecutor and public defender.

While presiding in the family division, Judge Gross was assigned to high profile cases including professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez and tennis great Boris Becker. He also received an award in 2006 by The First Family Law American Inns of Court.

Today the members of the bar and bench mourn the loss of a great scholar, gentleman, Judge and person, Judge Maynard “Skip” Gross.