Extra Burdens Adult Children Face When Their Parents Divorce

While divorce attorneys in Broward county often address the needs of minor children during the case, adults whose parents file for divorce after they have reached the age of majority may experience psychological difficulties in dealing with this matter. While the impact on younger children often includes invasion into a college fund or a parent’s new spouse or paramour residing in the former marital home, adults often are faced with the financial responsibility of taking care of an older parent. This can result in a failure to finish school, have an appropriate job and fund their own savings account.

Adults faced with parents who divorce later in life should not forget about their education, career or savings. Their parents should consult with tax experts and financial planners in equitably dividing the marital assets. Once your parents are divorced, it is important to have them consider purchasing long-term care insurance. While it may be important to ensure that family heirlooms do not disappear during a divorce, it is important to look after your divorced parents by providing financial advice and education.