Military And Armed Services Divorce Rate Up

Many men and women from Broward that are enlisted in the military may find themselves in need of a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer. According to an article published in the USA Today and Sun Sentinel, divorce rates for soldiers enlisted in the Army increased for the seventh year. 10,000.00 married G.I.’s divorced during the fiscal 2009. It is also being reported that 4% of marriages among soldiers failed.

The Army has found that an increasing number of U.S troops in Iraq complain about troubled marriages as a result of long and multiple deployments to Iraq. While the pressures of being away from family is more prevalent for young soldiers, there has been recent affect on senior enlisted soldiers as well.

The Air Force is also reporting a 4.3% divorce rate this years. However, the Army has 100,000 more married troops than the Air Force. The Marines is reporting a 4% divorce rate that has remained steady from 2008 to 2009. While the civilian divorce rate in the USA was recently 3.4%, the total divorce rate for the U.S. military has increase from 3.4% to 3.6% in 2009.

Research has found that soldiers with more electronic access to their families are having more marital problems since they become too involved in their family lives over the internet and telephone. Soldiers find themselves being involved in minor squabbles that can be resolved by their spouse.

Ironically, Florida Statute 61.13002 permits a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer to request that the Broward divorce court temporarily modify time-sharing and parental responsibility if a parent is activated, deployed, or temporarily assigned to military service and the parent’s ability to comply with the time-sharing is affected. In the temporary order or judgment and if feasible, the Florida marital and family law court is to provide contact between the military service member and his or her child by electronic communication by webcam, telephone and other available means.