New Internet Based Child Custody, Timesharing, Parenting Plan And Child Support Tool To Use In Your Fort Lauderdale Divorce

A large percentage of minor children often wind up in the middle of their parents contentious Broward divorce. Two new websites, and, are secure internet based tools which your Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer may recommend to assist you and your spouse in documenting events, e-mails, child custody and timesharing events and child support payments both during and after your divorce.

The program is a communication website which should be used by couples who divorce in Broward County. It allows you to speak to your spouse indirectly about matters pertaining to your child while ensuring that the communications are stored. While you or your spouse are unable to change the emails or financial transactions, you are able to print a summary of activities if ever needed by your Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney.

Communicating with your former spouse can be difficult, traumatic and frustrating. Through this website, there is a posting system that is similar to email or text messaging. There are also time and date stamps on all communications between you an your spouse. All communications are easily accessible and printable for your Broward divorce lawyer or the court. Additionally, any time that your spouse decides to communicate with you, you will receive an email notification.

The program also offers a calendar to assist you and your former spouse in complying with the parenting plan and timesharing schedule created during your Fort Lauderdale divorce. The calendar is accessible from the internet. You can view your timesharing schedule as well as your child’s extracurricular activities.

Finally, and contain a program called money matters. Instead of having an employer garnish your former spouses child support with an income deduction order and then send the money to the Florida State Disbursement Unit or Broward County central depository, child support can automatically be withdrawn from a bank account. Other uncovered and out-of-pocket expenses such as co-payment, extracurricular activities and orthodontist reimbursements can be made.

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