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Here in today’s modern electronic age, there are many things we have to navigate that people even just a generation ago did not. One of these things is computerized processes for filing court papers in your Florida family court case. Whereas everyone might have delivered a paper document to a human deputy at the court clerk’s office in the 1990s, today the rules of procedure allow filing electronic documents via an Internet website.

As we all well know, technology can be great… when it works. However, would you know what to do if your very important filing in your divorce case got rejected as late due to technology problems that were no fault of your own? It is reasonable to imagine you might not. To make sure your case or appeal gets the hearing it deserves, and that you are equipped to handle all the “bumps in the road,” no matter how unexpected, be sure you have an experienced South Florida family law attorney on your side.

L.B. was a man who found himself in that position. He was going through a divorce in St. Lucie County and, after the judge issued the final judgment, he and his attorney determined that it was in his best interest to appeal. The law gives you 30 days to file your appeal document known as a “Notice of Appeal.” L.B.’s notice, if he wanted to file one, was due on January 9, 2019. His lawyer attempted to file on that day. (There are several very legitimate reasons why it might be helpful, necessary or unavoidable to wait to file until near or on the last day.)

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are increasingly playing a factor in Florida divorces. Most people have satisfied their curiosity about a former flame by looking them up online. More and more married individuals are going further, however, and developing online relationships. Anecdotal evidence suggests an increasing number of people are rekindling past relationships and ruining their marriages via social media outlets. Divorces over online behavior are reportedly occurring more regularly throughout the nation.

One woman who declined to be named stated she recently learned her seemingly wonderful marriage was in trouble after her husband left his Facebook page open one day. To her shock, he had developed an online relationship with several other women. She found herself both confused and embarrassed. The problem has allegedly become so commonplace, a website is actually devoted to cheating through Facebook.

According to founder Craig Gross, a barrage of cheating stories and emails are sent to the website on a daily basis. Gross stated he founded his webpage as a sort of online cheating support community. He said the website has documented several hundred cases of marital infidelity aided by the social media page.

Social media reportedly contributes to divorce in other ways as well. Another woman who wanted to remain anonymous filed for divorce after she learned her husband was posting both threatening and derogatory comments about her online. She stated she was not only shocked, but also sickened by the information her spouse shared through Facebook. A different woman claimed she learned her husband wanted to end their marriage only after he said it on the social media website.

With more than 900 million active monthly users, the use of Facebook has become common across the globe. Individuals may forget that everything they say online might later be used against them in a family law matter. For example, a spouse who claims he or she is unable to afford alimony or child support payments may be wise to avoid posting photos of a new luxury vehicle. It is important to note the information distributed through social media can also have an effect on child custody arrangements. If you are faced with an unexpected divorce or other stressful family law matter, you should contact a skilled Florida family law attorney as soon as possible.
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Clients will often call their divorce lawyer in Fort Lauderdale and complain about time-sharing scheduling difficulties, missed appointments for their children and other parenting plan problems. Miami marital and family lawyers also hear complaints that one party has sent inappropriate text messages and emails or has requested reimbursement of unauthorized dental and doctor bills. These problems result in expensive court battles with children stuck in the middle of their parents disputes.

Websites are now available to assist parents in being more efficient with their parenting plan and minimizing conflict. Messages are saved in order to avoid conflicting stories from litigants.

In Broward and Miami-Dade, marital and family lawyers request that the court order parents to use websites such as and to communicate with each other in a more effective manner. While these websites permit therapists, lawyers and parenting coordinators to view the site, they also assist in the resolution of child custody disputes without litigation.

Marital and family law in Miami-Dade and Broward, judges and divorce attorneys have relied upon the OurFamilyWizard® website for high conflict child custody, parenting plan and time-sharing cases. This website has become one of the most effective shared parental responsibility tools to remove parental conflict and to assist parents in doing what is in the best interest of the minor children.

After nearly ten years of helping separated families communicate, the OurFamilyWizard® website has added yet another revolutionary tool to its repertoire. Earlier this year the OurFamilyWizard® website announced the release of OFWpay™.

The OFWpay™ system allows parents to make and receive electronic payments to their checking or savings account. OFWpay™ transactions allow parents to send payment for expenses like unreimbursed medical, extra-curricular activities or even child support payments where permitted.

Even though divorce in Fort Lauderdale can be a tremendous burden, with the right tools, information and resources it can also be a great opportunity for personal growth.

As the fourth most populous state in the nation, Florida also has one of the highest per capita divorce rates. Floridians don’t call it divorce however; they call it dissolution of marriage.

Whatever you call it, initiating a divorce with your lawyer could be the single most important emotional and financial decision a person residing in Broward can make in their lifetime. Although dissolution is never the most desirable outcome of a marriage, it is sometimes the best way to preserve the quality of life. A bad marriage can be resolved with a divorce, but a bad divorce might never be resolved. A bad divorce can result in expensive child custody, child support and alimony battles, unfair property settlements and life-long detrimental economic effects for both adults and children.

A large percentage of minor children often wind up in the middle of their parents contentious Broward divorce. Two new websites, and, are secure internet based tools which your Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer may recommend to assist you and your spouse in documenting events, e-mails, child custody and timesharing events and child support payments both during and after your divorce.

The program is a communication website which should be used by couples who divorce in Broward County. It allows you to speak to your spouse indirectly about matters pertaining to your child while ensuring that the communications are stored. While you or your spouse are unable to change the emails or financial transactions, you are able to print a summary of activities if ever needed by your Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney.

Communicating with your former spouse can be difficult, traumatic and frustrating. Through this website, there is a posting system that is similar to email or text messaging. There are also time and date stamps on all communications between you an your spouse. All communications are easily accessible and printable for your Broward divorce lawyer or the court. Additionally, any time that your spouse decides to communicate with you, you will receive an email notification.