Social Media Websites Like Facebook Are Increasingly Playing a Role in Florida Divorces

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are increasingly playing a factor in Florida divorces. Most people have satisfied their curiosity about a former flame by looking them up online. More and more married individuals are going further, however, and developing online relationships. Anecdotal evidence suggests an increasing number of people are rekindling past relationships and ruining their marriages via social media outlets. Divorces over online behavior are reportedly occurring more regularly throughout the nation.

One woman who declined to be named stated she recently learned her seemingly wonderful marriage was in trouble after her husband left his Facebook page open one day. To her shock, he had developed an online relationship with several other women. She found herself both confused and embarrassed. The problem has allegedly become so commonplace, a website is actually devoted to cheating through Facebook.

According to founder Craig Gross, a barrage of cheating stories and emails are sent to the website on a daily basis. Gross stated he founded his webpage as a sort of online cheating support community. He said the website has documented several hundred cases of marital infidelity aided by the social media page.

Social media reportedly contributes to divorce in other ways as well. Another woman who wanted to remain anonymous filed for divorce after she learned her husband was posting both threatening and derogatory comments about her online. She stated she was not only shocked, but also sickened by the information her spouse shared through Facebook. A different woman claimed she learned her husband wanted to end their marriage only after he said it on the social media website.

With more than 900 million active monthly users, the use of Facebook has become common across the globe. Individuals may forget that everything they say online might later be used against them in a family law matter. For example, a spouse who claims he or she is unable to afford alimony or child support payments may be wise to avoid posting photos of a new luxury vehicle. It is important to note the information distributed through social media can also have an effect on child custody arrangements. If you are faced with an unexpected divorce or other stressful family law matter, you should contact a skilled Florida family law attorney as soon as possible.

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