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Even though divorce in Fort Lauderdale can be a tremendous burden, with the right tools, information and resources it can also be a great opportunity for personal growth.

As the fourth most populous state in the nation, Florida also has one of the highest per capita divorce rates. Floridians don’t call it divorce however; they call it dissolution of marriage.

Whatever you call it, initiating a divorce with your lawyer could be the single most important emotional and financial decision a person residing in Broward can make in their lifetime. Although dissolution is never the most desirable outcome of a marriage, it is sometimes the best way to preserve the quality of life. A bad marriage can be resolved with a divorce, but a bad divorce might never be resolved. A bad divorce can result in expensive child custody, child support and alimony battles, unfair property settlements and life-long detrimental economic effects for both adults and children.

That’s where Divorce.com comes into action. Divorce.com knows that marriage is the building block of society and believes that a stable marriage is always preferable to divorce. Divorce is still better than enduring a bad marriage though, and Divorce.com is devoted to taking the mystery and misery of the divorce experience. Good planning can significantly reduce both emotional stress and financial uncertainty. Preparing for a divorce in advance will make the legal process less mysterious and can help make life after divorce a lot easier too.

Divorce.com provides comprehensive resources and information needed to make informed decisions in a process that can affect the lives of adults and their dependent children forever. The website offers easy access to informative articles and coverage of divorce in the news. All of the elements of the process are covered in easy-to-search categories containing tools and strategies useful before, during and after a divorce. The site features expert legal answers to user’s questions and advice from professional divorce attorney Wendy Jaffe. A divorce dictionary is provided to explain some of the actions, orders and various legalese used in the vocabulary of divorce. Even though the Fort Lauderdale divorce courts usually prefer outside settlements to court intervention, Divorce.com provides both legal contacts and tips on how to do-it-yourself. Divorce.com also addresses the laws governing divorce with state-by-state resources for all 50 states, including valuable information for all Broward County residents living in Hollywood, Weston, Pembroke Pines, Plantation and Hallandale Beach considering a divorce.

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Good divorce preparation and management will provide the opportunity to start life over in a better situation with a better chance for long-term success.