Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorneys Caution Against Text Messages

When you meet with your Broward divorce lawyer, you and your spouse will be required to produce and exchange mandatory disclosure including, but not limited to, tax returns, proof of income, evidence of indebtedness and a financial affidavit. The purpose of this discovery is so that your Fort Lauderdale child custody lawyer can have an understanding of the assets, liabilities and income of you and your spouse for the calculation of alimony, child support and other equitable distribution of your assets. However, in recent years divorce attorneys in Broward and Miami-Dade have begun to request e-mail, instant messages and text messages in an effort to strengthen their case.

In this day and age, e-mail, instant messages and text messages can be used in Broward and Miami-Dade child custody, parenting plan and time-sharing cases by your marital and family lawyer. These methods of communicating digitally may also be used to learn of adulterous relationships and dissipation, destruction and waste of marital assets. Additionally, forensic computer technicians are being retained to recover deleted e-mails, instant messages and files as well as providing Fort Lauderdale and Florida divorce attorneys with information that is relevant and likely to lead to further discoverable evidence.

When you meet with your divorce lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Plantation, Weston or other cities in Broward, it is important to discuss any digital and technological information that your spouse’s lawyer could discover during your case. Remember, even if you have deleted this information it still may be recoverable.