Premarital Education Recommended By Experts

According to, couples who are engaged are doing what they can to fight off the alarming divorce rates. Nowadays, young couples are reluctant to get married. But, experts now believe that premarital counseling may be beneficial. Engaged couples are taught to discuss topics such as finances, religion, children and sexuality.

During your first marriage, there is a 50-50 chance that you may hire a divorce lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. While many couples believe that the highest indicator of a divorce is conflict, the true number 1 indicator is avoidance of conflict. While many married couples accept that marriage is hard work, some engaged couples have decided to attend premarital counseling to prevent future problems before they tie the knot.

Psychotherapists have seen an increase in their premarital counseling practice and the sale of premarital books. Experts believe that this is a result of couples having a darkened view of marriage since they hear about the effects of a divorce all of the time. The benefits of premarital education is that it provides greater knowledge and relationship skills for contemporary marriages to succeed so that couples do not reach the point where they need to hire a divorce attorney in Broward.