Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade Involved In Child Custody Battle

Dwyane Wade was in a marital and family law court today while his former wife testified during child custody proceedings in Chicago. Lawyers for the Miami Heat star tried to establish that his former wife has erratic behavior based upon her relationships, confrontations and parenting decisions. Prior to the trial, the divorce judge requested that the Miami Heat basketball player and his former wife attempt to resolve their child custody litigation. However, the parties quickly reached an impasse.

Divorce lawyers for Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade argued that the former wife has bizarre behavior and interferes with his time-sharing. On the otherhand, lawyers for the former wife argued that Mr. Wade is too busy to be designated as the sole custodial parent.

The guardian ad litem has recommended that Dwyane Wade be granted custody. Dwyane Wade is scheduled to testify in court later this week.