Religion Used As A Parenting Plan Weapon During Divorce in Florida

Interfaith separations in Fort Lauderdale can cause a contentious debate in may religious communities such as Plantation, Hallandale Beach, Hollywood and Pembroke Pines. When a divorce becomes combative, divorce attorneys are often faced with a client that is non-negotiable regarding the religious upbringing of their child and the religious directives of their parenting plan. Clients often look to use anything and everything against their spouse or former parter when they are involved in child custody litigation during their divorce or paternity case in Broward.

Religious differences in how a child should be raised is an obvious tool that may be used by a litigant because of the significant differences in the both of the clients beliefs. While couples who come from two different religious backgrounds negotiate and are motivated to reach a resolution because they are in love and want to get marred, the motivation during a divorce should be the best interest of the child.

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