Signs That Your Marriage May Be Headed To The Broward County, Florida Divorce Court (Part 1)

There are often many signs that indicate that your marriage may wind up in the Broward County, Florida divorce court. While not every marriage with problems ends in divorce, many do. The signs of a troubled marriage may lead you to the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where you will ultimately receive your divorce.

One of the first warning signs that your marriage may be heading towards trouble is that you and your spouse are always fighting. This may be shown through constant fights over major issues or minor bickering. If you are doing nothing more than fighting, then you are headed towards trouble.

Another warning sign is that you no longer have fun with each other. If your time is never fun anymore, you need to re-evaluate your relationship to find an activity that you both enjoy. This will make the time that you spend together not so painful.

When you have nothing nice to say about your spouse, this is a red flag that major problems in your marriage have developed. You and your spouse should be able to talk without hostility and attitude. If this is no longer an option, you should consider talking to a therapist.

Do you no longer trust your spouse? Do you wonder what your spouse is doing behind your back? If you have answered yes to these questions, you may want to consider splitting up from your spouse. If the thought of splitting up does not make you happy, you should speak to your therapist. This is a major issue that can cause huge problems in your marriage.

When considering your sex life, do you ever wonder what sex life? If the physical intimacy is gone from your mariage, this is a definite problem. You need to discuss this matter openly and honestly with your spouse to try to resolve these issues.

In my next blog, I will continue discussing the signs of a troubled marriage. These are the types of issues that make you question if you should get a divorce or stay in the marriage.