South Florida Marital And Family Attorney Explores Stigma Of Divorce During 20’s

There is a stigma about being married in your 20’s, and it is not that your getting married too young, it is that being getting married while in your 20’s has a high divorce rate. The divorce rate is not 70, or even 80% it is somewhere near 50% for people married in their 20’s. That means that almost 50% of people you know who get married in their 20’s will need a divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

Broward divorce attorneys are seeing an increase of people in their 20’s coming to their office. Is there a stigma for those people who are divorced in their 20’s? The short answer is no. There is no sign over your head at that says you are recently divorced. But it is difficult for someone who has been dating the same person for 8 years to get back into the single life. Clearly it is easier for someone who lives in an urban environment to meet new people, but it cannot be very simple. Before you get back to dating make sure you confirm with your Florida marital and family lawyer that your divorce is finalized.

A divorce in your 20’s is still a divorce. It is just like any other breakup except that there are legal issues involved such as alimony and equitable distribution. But once you resolve those issues, you are a single individual who can choose whether or not you will date again.

But what does a newly divorced individual do to get back into the dating scene? Some people have no problem being set up by friends. Do you ask your friends to tell the person you’re being set up with that you were divorced? Do you know how to be single? Are they looking for a serious relationship that quickly? These are all normal thoughts to have. Don’t get bogged down by these questions, and don’t blurt out that you were recently divorced. Let those conversations happen naturally.

Just because your first marriage failed, it does not mean your next will not last a lifetime. There is no need to paint a picture of yourself before someone is getting to know you, not the fact you were divorced. One of the ways to meet new people is to change your habits that you got accustomed to while you were married. Maybe change gyms, and start taking exercise classes, or join a basketball league. Change the time in which you go to the grocery store, go when there are more people, and you can strike up a conversation with a stranger. Be open to being set up by friends. Any route you choose will be a positive step into putting your life back together.

The goal is to let someone get to know you for you, and not for your past relationships. It is also beneficial for you to possibly see a divorce attorney who can relate to being divorced in your 20’s. A young family law attorney is very suited to helping you deal with being 20’s and newly single. So when you are looking for an alimony attorney, ask for references, ask for their experience, and ask if they are suited to handle your specific case. And remember being divorced in your 20’s isn’t the end of the world, just a new chapter in your book of life.