Statistics Related to Divorce in South Florida

Many residents of Fort Lauderdale will file for divorce. In fact, when you hire a divorce attorney in Broward you will often try to mitigate the impact of child custody, time-sharing and shared parental responsibility litigation on your children. The following statistics should remind you why it is important to amicably resolve your divorce case.

1. While 1/2 of children experience their parents divorce, 1/2 of those children will also experience their parents second divorce.

2. 1 out of every 10 children who have seen their parents divorce will also experience 3 or more divorces.

3. 40% of children are raised without a father.

4. Children who have experienced multiple divorces earn lower grades and are found by their friends to be less pleasant to associate with.

5. 50% of all children born this year will have parents who divorce before they turn 18.

6. Teenagers from a single-parent family and a blended family are 3 times more likely to need therapy.

7. Children whose parents have divorced have more psychological ailments then children from homes who have experienced a death.

8. Children from divorced parents are more likely to experience injury, asthma, headaches and speech problems.

9. After a divorce, children have a 50% increased chance of developing health problems.

10. Children who reside with the both of their parents are 20% to 35% healthier than children whose parents have divorced.