Stay-At-Home Dads More Likely to Divorce In Miami

Many years ago, men worked while most women stayed at the home taking care of the household and children. The attitiudes of how society views women working has changed. Yet, the pressure for men to remain the breadwinners remains strong.

A recent study in the American Journal of Sociology indicats that unemployment in a marriage is a strong predictor of divorce. For some men, they do not feel that it is acceptable to stay home and raise the children while their wife is the sole financial provider.

Women who are unhappily married are more likely to hire a divorce attorney in Broward when they are working instead of if they are unemployed. The study indicated that employment had no bearing on whether or not a woman would proceed with a dissolution of marriage.

Men who are not employed have a greater chance that their spouse will file for divorce even if they were happily married. While the role of a wife has changed, it remains unacceptable in this culture if the husband is not earning a majority of the money to support the household.

It was also recently discovered that men who lost their jobs during the recession have been suffering from depression. Unemployment has impacted their self-esteem and have caused them to feel overwhelmed. All in all, when men are unemployed it increases the chance that they will leave their marriage and it also increases the chance that their wife will leave the marriage and file for divorce in South Florida.