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When your Broward divorce lawyer files a petition for dissolution of marriage or paternity, there will be a request for child support in their are child related issues such as shared parental responsibility, time-sharing, a parenting plan and child custody involved. A divorce lawyer in Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Weston or Cooper City can request that the court award health insurance for your child, life insurance to secure the child support award, child support pursuant to the child support guidelines, out-of-pocket and uncovered medical expenses and the cost of private school.

In order to for the Broward marital and family law court to require the payment for the cost of private school expenses as part of the child support award, this must be plead in your petition by your Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney. The court may order the payment for private educational expenses if it finds that a parent has the ability to pay for private school. In addition, private school must be an expense that is in accordance with the family’s customary standard of living and in the child’s best interest.