The Economic Demographics of Divorce

A new research study released by UCLA has revealed that lower income marriages are more harshly affected by the common divorce causes of economics.Previous studies have shown typically that lower income marriages suffer higher rates of divorce. This study, carried out by Dr. Karney and Dr. Trail of the university, found that lower income couples hold more traditional view on marriage than higher income counterparts.

The study examined over 4,000 Floridians and a cross examination of 1,500+ individuals of other states with the average age of respondents in the mid-40’s. The study viewed how these lower income respondents compared to higher income individuals in regard to their standards, values, and their marriage experience. The lower income marriages suffered more as a result of substance use and money problems but their attitudes indicated a higher degree of disapproval for divorce.

Commenting on the social pressures, Dr. Trail noted that people with lower incomes “have similar standards for choosing a marriage partner and experience similar problems with managing their relationships”. The study’s conclusion indicated that public policy intended to educate low income couples on pitfalls of divorce would be better served to address the root problems facing the individuals that actually lead to the divorce in the first place.

Lessons to Learn
As a result of the study findings, there is no disparity in the romantic levels amongst different economic demographics but rather how the individuals are impacted by life’s curve balls.

With money being the leading cause of divorce, there are many things couples of any economic range can do to lessen their chances of facing divorce.

First, understand that any couple has an income disparity between the partners. Too much of an income disparity can lead to guilt, resentment, imbalance of power, and money disputes.

Secondly, ensure that both parties understand both person’s views of money, savings, and spending. Communication is a couple’s best defense to future misunderstandings.

Thirdly, a budget between couples will keep both individuals informed of expectations.

Fourthly, create a balance of contributions. This prevents the bigger earner from feelings of resentment from the lower earner. This also clarifies expectations, which is one of the most important point parts of healthy communication between couples.

Lastly, plan ahead. Any income range can benefit from a prenuptial agreement which protects the assets going in and removes any incentive to divorce. The agreement will establish what property belongs to whom, and what property will be treated as marital property to be split in the event of a divorce.

One other concern low income couples and couples with an income disparity must consider is the possibility of child support. Income disparity and total income will both be taken into account in child support proceedings. Child support becomes especially important for a non-working parent who suddenly has full custody.

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