Tips Every Newly Divorced Fort Lauderdale Mom Should Know (Part 2)

When you meet with your Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer, you will soon have an understanding of the main elements of your divorce case. These includes sole or shared parental responsibility, a parenting plan that includes a time-sharing schedule, equitable distribution of the marital assets and liabilities, alimony, child support and attorney’s fees and costs. However, once the Broward marital and family court enters your Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, you will be a single mom who is responsible for the day to day care of your children.

When your former spouse exercises his custody rights of time-sharing in Fort Lauderdale, you may initially have some anxiety. How you and your former spouse communicate becomes an example for your children and lays the foundation for how your children will manage their future relationships. Your Broward divorce attorney will explain that you should never discuss your marital and family law case with your children or negatively criticize your former spouse to your children.

Regardless of whether you file for divorce in Miami-Dade or Broward, a divorce can have a major impact of your finances. If you are a newly single mother who relied on her former spouse to pay the bills, you need to quickly learn about your finances. You should establish a monthly budget that takes into account any alimony or child support that your receive, purchase life insurance and understand your credit.

Finally, you can not forget about yourself. While you may not be ready to date, you need to have a social life. Enjoy your downtime and stay healthy in order to give you the energy and stamina that you need. Make sure that you get plenty of sleep.

Being a parent is a hard job. However, being a single mom can be more difficult. You must remember to thrive and grow with your children and create wonderful new memories after your divorce in Fort Lauderdale.