Tips Every Newly Divorced Fort Lauderdale Mom Should Know (Part 1)

If you have recently been divorced in Broward, you most likely never thought that you would be a single mom. In Florida, the odds are stacked against you when you get married and have children. 50% of first time marriages and 67% of second time marriages end in divorce in Ft. Lauderdale. Single mothers in Fort Lauderdale who are becoming adjusted to their custody, time-sharing schedule and parenting plan are not alone. The following are some tips that your Broward divorce attorney should discuss with you after your case has concluded.

You need a group of people to rely on after your Florida marital and family lawyer finalizes your divorce. Consider your friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers when you have an emergency and need a third party to rely on. You should also consider the parents in your childrens play groups, classes and after school activities to provide you with emotional support. Chances are that you will be able to speak to other moms who have been divorced in Hollywood, Plantation, Westin, Pembroke Pines and other cities in Miami-Dade and Broward who can lend a helping hand.

There are many positive attributes about being a single mom. Immediately rid yourself of any guilt that you may feel from being a single mom. You need to find inspiration to feel good about your decision to hire a lawyer and file for divorce, child support and alimony in Fort Lauderdale.

Last but not least, you must set ground rules with your former spouse. The both of you are going to have to implement your child custody arrangement, which in Florida is now referred to as a parenting plan and time-sharing schedule. Your Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer will have assist you in creating a formal agreement that deals with all areas of coparenting.