Asking Your Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney About The Role Of Fault

As a divorce lawyer in Broward County, clients often come into my office and will tell me all of the bad things that their spouse has done which has caused the marriage to be irretrievably broken. In most divorce cases in Fort Lauderdale, the fault of one spouse in committing adultery or abandoning the other spouse does not factor into the ultimate decisions made by the Florida marital and family law judge in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court related to dissolving the marriage. However, when it comes to your marriage, love is not always what keeps you and your spouse living happily ever after in Weston, Pembroke Pines, Cooper City and Plantation.

The following are 7 factors that play a significant role in determining whether your marriage will succeed or if you may wind up in divorce court:

Blending Families: 20% of marriages with children from a prior relationship end up in divorce court

Multiple Marriages: 90% of parties who are on their second or third marriage are likely to separate or divorce
Age: If a man is under 25 when he gets married or if he is 9 or more years older than the wife, he is two times more likely to get divorced than a man who is older than 25 or close in age to the wife.

Desire to Have Kids: If the wife has a stronger desire to have children than the husband, the marriage will most likely not succeed.

Status of Parents: If parties come from a divorced or separated family, 17% are most likely to become separated or divorce, as compared to 10% who come from unbroken homes.

Smoking: When one of the individuals in a relationship smokes, divorce is more likely.

Money: 16% of bad marriages where the husband was unemployed ended in separation or divorce. However, only 9% of couples who had a healthy bank account ended their marriage in a divorce.