Economize During Your Divorce And The Great Recession

One of the factors that couples need to consider when filing for a divorce in Fort Lauderdale is the economic implications placed upon parties during the pendency of and after a divorce. In Broward County, it is important to discuss the impact of the recession with your marital and family law attorney before entering into a marital settlement agreement.

In many divorce cases, a husband and wife decide that they do not want to be married to each other. While they are ready to move forward in their lives, they can not afford to move out of the marital residence. Couples do not want to sell their home during a decline in the real estate market. In other instances, the parties can not afford two households until one of them finds a new job. In the interim, couples are residing in the same marital residence but on different floors. Children are generally acceptable to these conditions and understand that mom lives upstairs and dad lives downstairs.

While proceeding with your divorce case can be complex or inexpensive, the recession has complicated the process further. Many individuals are delaying the decision to file for divorce or are living in uncomfortable marriages due to the economic crisis. Other couples continue to reside together after the divorce as a result of financial necessity. It is unclear how the recession is affecting divorce rates overall because of the delay in compiling economic data. However, what is clear is that parties have been forced to become creative in order to adjust to these turbulent economic times.