Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyers Advise To Divorce Now When Assets Are Valued Low

If a man is going to file for divorce in Broward County, the recession might be the time to do it. Fort Lauderdale divorce attorneys have found that incomes, business assets and other holdings have decreased in value. In a strong economy, men do not believe there assets are valued at such a high level when it comes time to equitably divide the marital assets and liabilities.

Strategizing is common when a spouse files for a divorce. The recession may play a part of your strategy. For women, they may argue that they need additional alimony and child support of they have been laid off from their job. But for men, if a guy is impoverished, it is going to give him an advantage in arguing that his wife should take on more of the debt.

If you are planning to file for divorce, you should speak to your Broward County marital and family law attorney. It is important to discuss the best time financially for you and your spouse to file for divorce.

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