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When people think about the services that their skilled Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney provides, the first thing probably involves the attorney standing before a judge (or filing legal documents) to make strong and persuasive arguments that get the client to a successful outcome versus their ex-spouse or partner. Certainly, that is a big part of what your family law attorney does… but it isn’t everything. Another service is something that takes place outside court. That service is giving you the knowledgeable and unbiased advice you need to hear in order to be best equipped to make sound decisions about your case.

Take, for example, a misguided ex-husband from Kansas. D.O. and his ex-wife were involved in family litigation in a court in Iowa. The couple contested many issues, according to 850 WFTL, including property distribution, parental responsibility, timesharing and property taxes.

D.O., frustrated by the court filings submitted by his ex-wife’s lawyer, hatched a plan. He made a motion requesting permission “to settle his differences with his ex-wife by having a sword fight,” according to the report. Yes, that’s right… a sword fight… complete with authentic samurai swords imported from Japan. The husband’s motion for trial by combat stated his goal as hoping to “rend [the] souls” of his ex-wife and her lawyer “from their bodies.”

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A Florida woman is seeking custody of her X-rated photographs as part of her divorce. The Wife is suing her husband and has accused him of distributing the photographs on the internet and using them in online sex chat rooms. A Florida divorce attorney believes that the photographs belong to the Husband and Wife. Fort Lauderdale marital and family law attorneys would agree that this is a common issue amongst couples who file for divorce in the Broward and Miami-Dade divorce court. In order to prevent embarrassment, one spouse generally will have to surrender other property to be awarded the photographs as part of the equitable distribution of assets during a divorce. The parties divorce case is currently pending in a Florida divorce court.

On April 23, 2009, I previously wrote about a Fort Lauderdale bakery that sells divorce cakes. Let’s face it, after the marital and family law Judge in Broward County makes you and your spouse’s divorce official, wouldn’t you want to have a party where you can serve a divorce cake to your friends that can cushion the breakups with sugar and laughter? You can invite your friends in Broward County or even ask your divorce lawyer to leave his office in Fort Lauderdale and come by for the celebration.

For individuals who have been divorced in Broward and Miami-Dade County, do not be sad that you have to pay your spouse alimony or that you did not receive your fair share of the marital assets. Instead, from 8:00 P.M. on Thursday, July 2, 2009 to 2:00 A.M. on Friday, July 3, 2009, visit the Mamajuana Cafe, 225 Altara Avenue, Coral Gables, Florida and get a glimpse of some divorce cake freshly baked by Elite.

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A divorce in Broward County, Florida is often a time in which both parties are not celebrating until the entry of the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. The family law judge in your Fort Lauderdale divorce court case will enter a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage that addresses alimony, equitable distribution, time-sharing (custody) and many other factors. Once the court enters the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage in your case, you are divorced and it is time to celebrate.

Elite Cake Creations now makes divorce cakes that depict domestic discord. These cakes include a heart-shaped cake broken in pieces that have a groom on one piece and a bride on the other piece and a cake that looks like the blackened walls of a prison cell decorated with a ball and broken chain. Other divorce cakes include a bride taking her groom out with trash, a man sitting dejected on a curb, a man sitting dejected on a curb, a woman dumping a man over a waterfall and a cemetery of broken marriages marked by tiny tombstones.

About 50% of marriages end in divorce nationwide. While that figure has remained fairly steady, there has been a drop off due to the economy and poor housing market. However, if you are looking to celebrate your divorce, the novelty divorce cake from Elite Cake Creations may give all of your friends and family a good laugh.