Once You Are Divorced In Fort Lauderdale, Florida It Is Time To Celebrate

A divorce in Broward County, Florida is often a time in which both parties are not celebrating until the entry of the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. The family law judge in your Fort Lauderdale divorce court case will enter a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage that addresses alimony, equitable distribution, time-sharing (custody) and many other factors. Once the court enters the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage in your case, you are divorced and it is time to celebrate.

Elite Cake Creations now makes divorce cakes that depict domestic discord. These cakes include a heart-shaped cake broken in pieces that have a groom on one piece and a bride on the other piece and a cake that looks like the blackened walls of a prison cell decorated with a ball and broken chain. Other divorce cakes include a bride taking her groom out with trash, a man sitting dejected on a curb, a man sitting dejected on a curb, a woman dumping a man over a waterfall and a cemetery of broken marriages marked by tiny tombstones.

About 50% of marriages end in divorce nationwide. While that figure has remained fairly steady, there has been a drop off due to the economy and poor housing market. However, if you are looking to celebrate your divorce, the novelty divorce cake from Elite Cake Creations may give all of your friends and family a good laugh.

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